Beef Mince Premium (500g)


Made from prime lean cuts, our mince is the essential ingredient for so many dishes: burgers, cottage pie, lasagne, spaghetti bolognese… the list goes on and on.


Our personal favourite is for you to use premium Beef Mince and make our famous Beef, Bacon and Cheese PHAT Patties.

  1. Take 500g Premium Beef Mince, 200g Minced Bacon and 200g Tasty Cheese and mix together in a large bowl.

2. Roll into fist sized balls, then flatten into desired thickness.

3. Lightly oil a skillet or frying pan and bring up to medium to high heat.

4. Cook for approx 2 minutes each side.

5. Either place in a soft bun with mayonnaise, classic ketchup and lettuce, tomato, onions for a truly satisfying   burger!

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7 reviews for Beef Mince Premium (500g)

  1. Wasn’t a fan of store bought mince always stringy, you’d have to take a knife through it to resemble old school mince. Now OMG not being dramatic, but this mince is divine and the perfect texture!!!
  2. Used to dislike when Mince was on the menu but not now. Top quality at a low price. Makes delicious paddys, meatballs, lasagnas & much more. Koftas are next on the list. Thanks Meatbox
  3. Great Mince!! Good quality and great value for money, highly addictive and totally recommend!
  4. Very tasty mince and good quality as well as good value.
  5. Very tasty and very little gristle or fat - made lovely meatballs
  6. Excellent mince and great value. Will feed a family of 5 easily with this.
  7. By far the best mince ive had blows any supermarket stuff outta the water this is real meat

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