Beef Scotch Fillet Steaks (2 x 200g)


Cut and trimmed from the boneless rib joint, this is a large, well-marbled steak. Fried, grilled or roast, it’s always satisfying.


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4 reviews for Beef Scotch Fillet Steaks (2 x 200g)

  1. First order from The Meat Box and enjoyed the Scotch Fillet 200gm, will try the Scotch Fillet thick cut next time.
  2. First purchase and Beef Scotch Fillet 200gm steaks were great, will try the 300gm next time.
  3. I loved the Beef Scotch Fillet Steaks, next time I will try the 300g Steaks.
  4. Beef Scotch Fillet Steaks, they were yummy and tender. I will order again :)

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