Whole Beef Eye Fillet (Approx 2kg)

$129.95 $119.95

Lean, mean, and amazingly tender New Zealand Angus fillet steaks are melt in the mouth flavoursome. Aged fillet steaks are low in fat, rich in flavour, rolls royce of a cut.


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2 reviews for Whole Beef Eye Fillet (Approx 2kg)

  1. Don’t hesitate. This is beautifully delicious, extremely easy to cook, great quality meat. No fat to trim. Did I mention it is delicious? ;) Great when feeding a large number of guests.
  2. This meat is awesome. I used to buy Wagyu ribeye for about $20 per steak from new world.. not any more; this stuff is cheaper and tastier. Somehow one of these 2kg cuts ended up in my last meatbox order, for free (cheers guys!). I cut it up into steaks and biffed them into freeze bags and into the deep freeze. I will now be buying these with every meatbox order.

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