‘FIT BOX’ (Feeds 2 athletes for 7 nights)


500g Chicken Breast (Skin on/Boneless)
2 x 500g Premium aged Angus grass fed Mince
400g (2 x Steaks) aged Angus Sirloin Steak
400g Free Range Turkey Mince
500g Chicken Thigh (Skinless/Boneless)


Low in Fat and high in quality protein (over 200g lean protein per individual portion) this Box is built for the Athlete in mind.

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2 reviews for ‘FIT BOX’ (Feeds 2 athletes for 7 nights)

  1. The steak is like something you would find in a high end restaurant its amazing!
  2. Such a good purchase! And really good quality and quantity of meat packed for convenience, I raved so much to others that they need to try a box.

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