Bacon & Cheese Beef ‘PHAT’ Burger Patties (4 x 150g)


This is a Burger Patty not to be missed! Nothing goes better with burgers than Bacon and Cheese, so we figured why not combine the two and offer you the ‘ultimate’ Patty.

Cooking Instructions;

  1. Bring lightly oiled pan to high heat so be sure to get that sizzle when patties first go in.
  2. Turn only ONCE! Constantly turning or pushing your patty will only dry it out and toughen the outside.
  3. 2 minutes each side for rare, 3 minutes each side for medium-rare and 4 minutes each side for medium. If you like your meat well done this isn’t the website for you 😉
  4. Don’t give in to temptation just yet, allow patties to rest 10 minutes before eating. This allows all the tasty juices from the Beef, Bacon and Cheese to redistribute back throughout the patty as opposed to ooze out and stay out.
  5. Soft brioche bun, crisp iceberg lettuce, sliced vine ripened tomato and a dollop of our Lemon Lime Aioli will make this a truly life changing experience!


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8 reviews for Bacon & Cheese Beef ‘PHAT’ Burger Patties (4 x 150g)

  1. Yum! So easy and delicious
  2. 10/10.
  3. Very tasty and juicy. Much better than the plain ones. Cooked them as recommended in description, came out perfect.
  4. Really good patties, I love these ones more than the Wagyu ones, nice and juicy :)
  5. Insanely good patties! We devoured them and they're so delicious they will be my go to for homemade burger night! Thanks The Meat Box.
  6. These are SO delicious! Don’t even need to add anything else, I just had them for dinner by themselves! Very impressed with The Meat Box :)
  7. Made some tasty as burgers with these!
  8. The Meat Box delivery is up to speed...I am impressed! Good customer service too! Will be placing more orders in future.

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