Beef Scotch Fillet Steaks (2 x 200g)


Cut and trimmed from the boneless rib joint, this is a large, well-marbled steak. Fried, grilled or roast, it’s always satisfying.

1. Remove from fridge and allow to come up to room temperature.

2. Salt and Pepper the steaks while you bring a cast iron pan or skillet to medium-high heat.

3. Melt in pan one tablespoon of butter with two crushed garlic cloves and add steaks into pan.

4. Sear steaks on each side until flavourful browning occurs on each side.

5. Remove steaks from pan and add sliced mushrooms, cook until just tender.

6. Add half teaspoon of cornflour, or evaporated milk and stir to gravy like consistency.

7. Transfer steaks back into pan and spoon sauce over the top.

8. Serve 😉

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