1 x Whole Smokey Chipotle Chilli Chicken
500g Diced Chicken
500g Chicken Thigh skin on
500g Chicken Breast skin on
500g Chicken Drums
1 x 90g Herbes Chicken Raptor Rub

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8 reviews for ‘POULTRY’ BOX

  1. Love what is in this pack so versatile to have in the freezer and the quality is outstanding.
  2. Amazing value and the chicken was juicy and tasty, not full of water and bland like the supermarket fare. Highly recommended and will be ordering again. Thanks :)
  3. Such great value and variety! This box really hit the spot with succulent chicken and the herb rub has been used liberally
  4. Great price - rub is amazing on chicken in weber - awesome products
  5. Awesome! So much nicer than the supermarket and better value for money!
  6. Quality!! Great value for beautiful chicken that doesn't shrink to nothing when cooked and tastes like chicken should
  7. Great and tasty value!!
  8. Great and tasty!!

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