C’mon admit it… the hero of all traditional Christmas Dinners has to be the Turkey and Ham.

But if your like us, the fear of a dry tasteless bird and a flavourless Ham keep you up on Christmas Eve for all the wrong reasons.

Our Sous Vide Turkey Breast is guaranteed to stay tender and succulent even if you overcook it. So go ahead,  take your time putting the finishing touches on that Pavlova, because the Turkey is hitting a home run this Christmas!

If you have tried our Christmas Ham in the past then read no further. Like us, you know we are all about the flavour, extending the curing and smoking process that little bit longer makes all the difference.

1 x 1/2 Ham on Bone (4.5-5kg)

1 x Sous vide Turkey Rolled Roast (2-2.5kg)

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