Pork & Apple Cider Sausage (500g)



Pork, Sugar, Rice Flour, Salt, Dehydrated Apple (contains preservative 220), Apple fruit powder, Vegetable powder, Soy Protein, Mineral Salt 450 & 452, Yeast Extract, Herb and spices, Preservative 223, Citrus Fibre, Food Acid (Citric), Vinegar powder.

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7 reviews for Pork & Apple Cider Sausage (500g)

  1. Back in stock :)
  2. When are these amazing sausages coming back in stock. Thanks
  3. Back in stock now Rob :)
  4. For many years I have been on the search for the Perfect sausage, many were over seasoned or didn’t even taste of meat and fatty. But the sausages that I just cooked were amazing, the smell of flavoursome meat rambled through our kitchen but we didn’t want to get our hopes up. When we sat down to eat these devine little morsels the dining room went quiet. Then the omg started flowing and they were well deserved. These sausages are meaty, full flavoured, perfectly seasoned and no one flavour over powers the other.well done guys I am thoroughly impressed.
  5. I have just eaten the best sausages I have tried in my 50 years and I grew up on a farm where we grew our own meat.
  6. Probably the best sausages I’ve ever had
  7. When are they coming back in stock?
  8. We loved these. They were flavorful without being too sweet.
  9. Probably the best sausages in New Zealand.

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