Turkey Breast – Sous Vide (2kg) FROZEN


We rarely source product from outside New Zealand, but when we do you can rest assured its because we have found a pedigree product that simply isn’t available locally in NZ. This amazing Turkey Breast product sourced from Michigan (Michigan Turkey Producers) is a perfect example of this.

Sous vide in its own Turkey broth this whole breast is less than 2% sodium with no added starches or binders. Find out more here: http://www.miturkey.com/products/golden-legacy-ready-to-eat/black-label#product-227

Heat at 175 degrees C (350 F) in a preheated fan bake oven until the desired serving temperature is reached. We recommend heating to no more than 74 degrees C (165 F)
You may wish to brown the exterior prior to serving.
Remove the turkey breast from both bags. Place in a shallow pan together with the natural juices from the inner bag. Coat with vegetable oil to help browning. If you wish, apply your preferred seasoning to the exterior.
Heat the piece as detailed above.


Allow up to 4 days (from fully frozen and still inside vacuum sealed bag) to defrost adequately in a domestic refrigerator.

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