‘VALUE BOX’ (Feeds a lot for a little)


1 x 500g Premium Diced Angus Beef

1 x 500g Angus Beef Stirfry

2 x 500g Angus Beef Mince

1 x 500g  Angus Brisket – Casserole Dice

1 x 500g Diced Chicken Breast

1 x 500g Herb & Garlic Pork Sausage (gluten free)

1 x 500g Chicken Drums

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6 reviews for ‘VALUE BOX’ (Feeds a lot for a little)

  1. great value and quality
  2. Great value, loved the packaging!
  3. Amazing quality! Better than supermarket meat by a long shot, and tastes way better. Great packaging too, easily stored in a small freezer. Fed my toddler and I for two weeks :)
  4. Gr8 product. Well packaged. Good quality cuts. Goodbye supermarket meat.
  5. love the meatbox! The value box really is great value for money and the meat is good quality and delicious :)
  6. Fantastic cuts they were tender and tasty thank you we will certainly be ordering again

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