‘SUPER SIZED FAMILY BOX’ (feeds 6 for 7 nights)


2 x 500g Boneless Chicken Breast

1kg Lamb Mid-loin Chops

2 x 500g Angus Beef Mince

2 x 500g Gourmet Pork Sausage

6 x 200g Angus Sirloin Steak

6 x 150g Angus Burger Patties

2 x 500g Angus Premium Diced Beef

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4 reviews for ‘SUPER SIZED FAMILY BOX’ (feeds 6 for 7 nights)

  1. A great choice of meat options for everyone. Quality is extremely high so I have now made this my number one butcher to go to.
  2. This meat box is excellent and feeds our young family of four for up to two weeks! We love pretty much all the cuts of meat except I would say the beef patties are a little tough with a lot of gristle. Other than that we thourougly enjoyed everything else! All thanks to the meat box team!
  3. Perfect box for a busy family. This box gives a range of meat so you can have plenty of variety. The highlight were the burgers which did not shrink when cooked. My son also gave the diced beef 1000%!
  4. Best meat we have had in a long time,Cheers Meat Box Team

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