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This Steak Butter has been made in partnership with renowned chef - and steak aficionado - Sean Connolly of The Grill by Sean Connolly. 

Described by Sean as “the perfect steak butter”, our ultra-creamy butter is blended in small batches with an expertly crafted mix of spices put together with ingredients of the finest quality.

Top your steak with this beautifully seasoned butter to take it to another level of flavour and indulgence. Once blended, the steak butter is rolled into a user-friendly log shape and packed in food-quality, silver foil to keep out light and odour-taint. The distinctive log shape of the butter makes it nice and easy for butter lovers to simply slice off a round and serve atop steak. 

“Once your steak is cooked and rested, top it with about a one centimetre-thick slice of the butter and then pop it back in a warm oven for a minute so the butter melts onto the steak to absolute perfection,” says Sean. Enjoy!

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4 x payments of just $2.23

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