All the family at yours this Christmas?

Don’t get all hot and bothered attempting that giant turkey this year, instead, enjoy our succulent and juicy Scotch Roast with all the trimmings you well and truly need.

2kg Aged Beef Scotch (Ribeye) Roast

30g All purpose Gourmet Seasoning – for your roast 😉

100g Lewis Road Creamery All purpose Herb Butter – also for your roast 😉

500g Cumberland Pork Sausages

500g Old English Beef Sausages

600g Satay Chicken Kebabs (6 sticks)

Apple, Sage and Rosemary Stuffed Chicken (1.6kg)

250g Gourmet Streaky Bacon

210g Lemon & Lime Aioli – not for your roast, but great on eeeeeeverything 😉

*6 sausages per 500g pack

…….What’s that, uninvited in-laws have no where to go?

Just add on our Half or Whole Ham options or alternatively go for one of our easy-cook sous vide Turkey Breasts.

Turkey Breast – Sous Vide (2kg) FROZEN

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