Frequently Asked Questions

About our meat products

Where does your meat come from?

Our Beef and Lamb are sourced from farms based in the Hawkes Bay and Central plateau regions of the North Island, and our Pork comes from three farms based in Cambridge, Taranaki and Levin.

Poultry (Chicken) is farmed just 20 minutes south of Auckland and our Wild Venison and Game meats from the West Coast of the South Island.

Lastly, our Wagyu Beef is sourced from a collective of farms in the sunny Hawkes Bay area.

Are all your products free range?

We are proud to say our Chicken range offers both 100% free range and traditionally farmed Chicken. Naturally, all our Beef and Lamb are both free range and pasture/grass fed. Our Pork products are not free range, however are farmed humanely and ethically by three fantastic farmers that are 'Pig Care' accredited.

Are your sausages gluten free?

Absolutely! Be sure to look at the GF icon at each product to ensure it is gluten free.

Do any of your products contain gluten?

We know you want none of the nasties in your Meat Box, so we stay away from gluten and all other allergens. However, there is the odd occasion where we simply can't re-work a recipe to taste as fantastic as we would like to without having some gluten present.

Be sure to check the GF icon to ensure the product your buying is free of gluten.

I don’t like Pork sausages, can we swap these out of the box I have ordered?

Unfortunately, the products that make up our Meat Boxes can't be interchanged or swapped out. However, this is where our 'build your own box' feature comes in handy and allows you to fully customise a Meat Box to your preferred combination and preferences.


When will you have my 'favourite product' back in stock?

Any 'out of stock' items are normally replenished within a few days. If it is a unique product, such as a Wagyu steak cut or promotional offering, the lead time can be longer. However, to be sure of when it is back in stock, simply take advantage of our 'back in stock' notification and opt for an email when it is next available.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we are seeing a growing demand in restaurants wishing to use us as their preferred supplier.

All Wholesale enquiries contact us on

Do you have a physical shop I can collect from?

Nope, we are an online shop exclusively. This is what gives us the ability to deliver better and fresher product to you, at a price point less than what it would cost if we also ran an operated a physical store.


I've never ordered before, how does my Meat Box arrive?

All our Meat Boxes are packed inside our very effective, compostable wool liners, accompanied with our 'slow temper' gel ice packs.

This offers great peace of mind, as the temperatures inside the box mimic that of your home refrigerator and remain under 7 degrees till you receive your Meat Box.

Once packed by us, your Meat Box is sent by overnight priority courier, to be delivered the very next day and never spends longer than 24 hours out of a chiller.

* If there are any issues with respect to your order or it's quality please ensure you provide images and order number to us by email on the day of delivery.

What time will my order arrive?

Although we are unable to give an accurate estimated time of arrival, orders are typically delivered between 9am and 3pm.

You will also receive an email from us once your order has been completed and packed and includes your unique delivery tracking number.

Simply click on the tracking number link found in the email and it will show you where your order is at each stage of delivery, for eg. 1) Being sorted, 2) Out for delivery or 3) Delivered.

Once delivered, you will receive a text notification to let you know your Meat Box has arrived safely.

Do you deliver to my address?

Im sure we do, however, just plug your address into our ‘address finder’ and it can tell you right away.

Do you deliver to rural addresses?

Unfortunately not. With rural addresses, the courier takes an additional day on top of our priority overnight service. This is a challenge as our Meat Boxes are designed to be effective only as an overnight service.

Can I change my shipping address please?

Sure, please provide us your order number and we will amend the delivery address (48 hours notice required prior to delivery date).

My delivery is yet to turn up and it’s getting late in the day. Help!

Simply flick us an email with your order details and let us know if today is the intended delivery day. One of our super helpful customer care team will get back to you with a resolution right away.

I was meant to receive my order yesterday but it never arrived. Help?

There could be a number of reasons your Meat Box was not delivered, from being unsafe to leave, to there being a dog on site.

Simply provide our customer care team the details of your order by email, and we will have the matter resolved right away. 

I won’t be home to receive my order, will it be ok until I get home?

Yes absolutely, your delivery is marked ‘authority to leave’, and will be left at your door.

The box itself is packed with 1kg worth of slow temper gel ice and is wrapped in an insulating wool liner to ensure it stays nice and cold till you arrive home.

Orders and account details

I am redeeming a voucher; do I have to pay shipping out of the voucher?

Yes, you will have to pay shipping ($8 for North Island / $15 per 5kg for South Island) out of the voucher value.

However, if you spend over $150, shipping is free for North Island addresses. (excluding Great Barrier and Chattam Islands)

I ordered and paid, except I have not got an order confirmation. Is my order coming?

On the very odd occasion this may happen, or sometimes our confirmation email makes its way to the junk folder of your inbox.

Simply flick us a quick email with your first and last name and we can then pull up your order and confirm it's status. If there is any other issues with your order, one of our customer care team will look to get resolved right away for you.

Customer experience is absolutely paramount to everyone here at The Meat Box so rest assured we will resolve any issues quickly and promptly.

Your site won’t accept my email address?

Send us a quick email with a short description of the issue and we will resolve this quickly for you. Our helpful customer care team aim to have any and all issues sorted within a 90 minute turn around (between the hours of 8am - 5pm).

I can’t get my voucher/coupon to work.

Simply email your voucher code/coupon number to us on and we will take a look as to why it isn’t working and resolve right away.

My order won’t seem to process. Has it gone through on your end?

Sure, simply provide us your name, address or phone number and we will search through our orders list and confirm if your order is in for processing, or if not, look at how we can get this sorted right away.

I got an email to say my order has been completed but I selected delivery for tomorrow. Help?

Not a problem, the email notification you received is to inform you your order has been completed and packed. It is now awaiting uplift with NZ post to then be put on the appropriate delivery run early the next day.

You will receive a text notification once it is delivered. In the meantime feel free to click on the tracking number within the email you have received so you can check its status at any given time.

I am having trouble paying online, can I pay over the phone?

Yes absolutely, we can take your credit card details over the phone now and select the items you wish to order. However, we would much prefer all payments are made via our super simple and safe checkout. Flick us a quick email so we can take a look and see if we can attempt payment via the site one last time.

If need be, one of our super helpful customer care team will schedule a call with you and assist or walk you through the process.

Can you please update me on the status of my order?

Sure, you can always see this by hitting the tracking link in your order confirmation email from us, however your most welcome to flick us a quick email with your order number, or first and last name, and we will update you right away.

My order has arrived but it is not as cold as I thought it should be. What do I do?

Your order should always arrive in a chilled condition and feel cold to the touch.

If this is not the case please ensure you follow the below 'corrective actions' or alternatively, let our customer care team know so they can walk you through the process.

Corrective actions... Place contents of Meat Box in the very coldest part of your fridge (typically the back). As each hour passes, check the meat products (temperature probe is best but not essential) till the meat product drops back into the safe zone of 4 degrees or less. This should happen inside a 4 hour period.

In the event the prescribed corrective actions have failed, we will provide you a full refund or re-cut and send your order. 

Can I return the ice packs and liners?

Absolutely! We are committed to decreasing our landfill and recycling impact so simply request an uplift by email and we will take care of the rest.

* Please ensure you have enough liners and ice packs to full a box