‘FREE RANGE BOX’ (feeds 4 for 5 nights)


1kg Free Range Chicken Breast (skin on)
4 x Free Range Pork Loin Steaks (200g ea)
1 x Half Butterfly Lamb Leg (approx 600-650g)
4 x Premium Angus Beef Patties (150g ea)
1 x 500g Free Range Pork Mince

A great value box for the ethical Meat lover in mind!

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3 reviews for ‘FREE RANGE BOX’ (feeds 4 for 5 nights)

  1. Love the meat from The Meat Box. No more supermarket meat for us. Love the taste, and freshness. Having ut delivered to my door is a bonus.
  2. Love this meat box! The cuts are far superior to the meat sold at the big grocery chains, and prices are comparable too. Wont be going back to the overpriced, lower quality meat. From now on we're sticking to The Meat Box!
  3. My family loved the variety and quality of the meat in this pack. The pork steaks were tasty and delicious and the patties were a huge hit for Friday night burgers!

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