Why choose us as your online butcher…..

NZ’s best online butcher, export quality Meat, delivered direct to your door – a proudly family owned and operated New Zealand business.

New Zealand’s Best Online Butcher!

The ever increasing trend of cooking for and entertaining friends/family from home has the discerning home chef hungry for something of higher quality than that of the nearest supermarket or butcher, without having to pay the exorbitant prices that normally go with it. Therefore the decision to make our product available to the end consumer, you, was obvious!

Why Choose the Meatbox as your Online butcher.

So we set out to create an easy, affordable and user friendly way for you to get access to the types of meats we have been supplying top restaurants and hotels with over the last twenty years.

How are we able to deliver such a premium product at such a reasonable price?
Quality Gourmet meats delivered direct to your door
  • By cutting out supermarkets, food service agents and other middlemen from the supply chain
  • Being an online butcher and delivering to you means no costs associated with having a retail  outlet or shop
  • We have little need for mass advertising/marketing as with any true quality product, ‘word of mouth’ does our talking for us


Why not just buy from the supermarket?

Many people we talk to don’t understand different grades of meat and what makes a good cut. At The Meat Box we strive to provide the best product available without all the confusion. We select our high quality meats specifically for colour and tenderness. Just like  the old-fashioned service you used to get from a specialist butcher, you’re buying user friendly portion sizes, so you don’t have to worry about slicing up bulk meat or trimming any  portions. Our packaging process is thermoform vacuum packaging, which allows for ease of  storage while helping the meat’s aging process and extend shelf life.

No tricks or gimmicks, just good cuts of meat delivered to your door in an insulated chilltainer that will keep your product chilled in excess of 12 hours.

At The Meat Box you can buy high quality beef, pork, chicken, lamb and small-goods without leaving home and at a price point lower than supermarkets’ regular prices. With The Meat Box you only have to buy as much or as little as you need.

All our meat products are clearly described and labelled, using simple easy to understand descriptions. We tell you what part of the animal it comes from and what kind of dish it’s best suited to.

But I don’t want to have to buy my meat in bulk!

Our pack size options have been created based on our experience in retail markets. We have  different size options to suit each product. These choices allow you to buy just the right amount for your family. In each size option we have declared how much you can expect. For  example, our 640g Aged Eye Fillet pack has 4 steak portions where as our 500g Chicken Breast has 2 portions. At The Meat Box portions are already created for you so there’s no need to worry about cutting up large bulk meat purchases.