Beef ‘PHAT’ Burger Patties (4 x 150g)


Our gourmet Beef Burgers are made from prime ground beef with just the right amount of seasoning. Perfect for the barbecue, they are a fantastic ready-to-go alternative to making your own.


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5 reviews for Beef ‘PHAT’ Burger Patties (4 x 150g)

  1. These are the freaken bomb! VERY delicious!
  2. Probably one of the nicest home made burgers we’ve ever made
  3. These are some awesome burgers. It doesn't need to be BBQ season to enjoy them. Big fat juicy patties. Yum!!!
  4. DELICIOUS - best I have tasted. Arrived in perfect condition. Great service and products - recommended to all.
  5. Good amount of pure beef, best I have had

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