‘NEW’ COUPLES BOX (feeds 2-3 for 6 nights)


1 x 500g Premium Beef Mince

1 x 500g Diced Chicken

1 x 500g Premium Diced Beef

1 x 30g Wild Fennel & Co Seasoning

2 x 200g Sirloin Steaks

1 x 300g Gourmet Streaky Bacon

4 x 150g 'PHAT' Beef Burger Patties

An assortment of some of our most popular everyday cuts…

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11 reviews for ‘NEW’ COUPLES BOX (feeds 2-3 for 6 nights)

  1. This meat was excellent quality. Beautifully packaged, vacuum packed and well labelled - you can put what you don't want immediately straight in the freezer-
  2. Love the quality of the meat. So tender and fresh. First time I cooked a beef burger that doesn't shrink and produce lots of oil from the parties. Enough portion for both of us. Definitely worth trying.
  3. Excellent product. Love creating meals with my meatbox
  4. Excellent quality of meat really enjoy our dishes we make with the meat from the meat box.
  5. Love it! This is our go to meat box,has everything we both love and enough variety of different meats to try new recipes. The products are always so fresh and delicious and we love supporting small NewZealand company!
  6. The meat was really nice..sirloin very tender. Beef patties were great.would recommend this meat box for a couple.
  7. Have used the Meatbox once now but will definitely be using again, the meat is great and I love the portion sizes, not too big and not too small!
  8. We have been using the meat box for a few months now and we will continue to use them. The meat is an amazing quality and the cuts are perfect. We feed 2 adults and a toddler. So happy with the price and range you have to choose from. I post some of our meals on instagram of what we create. So yum!
  9. Such good quality of meat! And the seasoning was also great as well. I would recommend to anyone to buy a box as they won’t match the quality at the store
  10. It is rare to find quality at this price. We're always excited to see the silver box on delivery day.
  11. Such a great product! best value for money we've found, and not only that the meat is great quality!

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