Creamy Salmon & Spinach Pappardelle


Creamy Salmon & Spinach Pappardelle

The rich smoky taste of Aoraki Hot Smoked Salmon adds an elegant touch to a simple and easy pasta. Serve it tossed together quickly for a casual lunch or add a poached egg for a Sunday brunch dish. If you prefer a little zing, add a pinch of chilli flakes or a twist of ground pepper.

Prep Time:

10 Mins

Cook Time:

20 Mins


2-4 Servings


300 grams Aoraki Hot Smoked Salmon

100 grams of fresh pappardelle per person

200 grams washed, dried spinach leaves

½ cup of cream

¼ cup of white wine

1 tablespoon butter

2 roasted red capsicums

Italian parsley leaves for garnish

Salt and ground black pepper

Cooking Instructions

1. Prepare Ingredients:

   - Ensure the spinach is washed and dried.

   - Roast the red capsicums until they are tender, then peel and slice them.

   - Measure out all other ingredients.

2. Sauté Spinach:

   - In a pan, melt the butter over medium heat.

   - Add the washed and dried spinach leaves to the pan.

   - Sauté the spinach until it wilts and becomes tender.

3. Deglaze with White Wine:

   - Pour the white wine into the pan with the sautéed spinach.

   - Allow the wine to simmer and reduce, infusing the spinach with flavour.

4. Add Cream:

   - Pour in the cream, stirring gently to combine with the spinach and wine mixture.

   - Allow the cream to simmer, further reducing the sauce to a desirable consistency.

5. Cook Pappardelle:

   - Meanwhile, cook the fresh pappardelle according to package instructions.

   - Ensure the pasta is al dente, then drain.

6.*Combine Ingredients:

   - Flake the Aoraki Hot Smoked Salmon into the pan with the spinach and cream sauce.

   - Add the roasted red capsicum slices to the mixture.

   - Gently toss the cooked pappardelle into the pan, ensuring it's well coated with the creamy sauce.

7. Season to Taste:

   - Season the dish with salt and ground black pepper according to your taste preferences.

   - Stir well to distribute the seasoning evenly.

8. Serve and Garnish:

   - Plate the dish, ensuring each serving has a generous portion of salmon, pasta, and vegetables.

   - Garnish with fresh Italian parsley leaves for a burst of colour and added flavour.

9. Enjoy:

   - Serve the dish immediately while it's still hot and enjoy the delightful combination of flavours.